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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spectacular Changes!

Hello, Hello!!
So I know you are all on your toes from my previous post about said exciting news!
Drum roll pleasseeee..

I got a new job!
A new FULLTIME job.
A new fulltime job at a DANCE STUDIO.
An Admin/DANCE INSTRUCTOR in training!

You're learning so much right now!
Probably didn't know that I was into dance huh?
Well surprise!
I LOVE it.
I did a ballroom dancing internship in college, where I studied the communication between dance partners, and the partners and instructors. 
Specially for wedding couples.
It was awesome.
And I've missed dance so much; I only learned the basics in some dances for my internship.
So when I saw a job posting for an administrative assistant/ and dance instructor in training at 
Arthur Murray Dance Studio,
I freaked! 
I applied in person that day and won them over. After 3 tryouts (9 hours of mocking and testing the water)
they asked me to join their team.
I am currently the administrative assistant at the desk doing that kinda of work, and training to be an instructor as well.
I've learned so many dances and steps so far. Just need to perfect them now :) 
So far I've learned basic steps in Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Chacha, Rumba and Hustle. 
It's a lot of work. I'm learning it on a gold dancer level because as an instructor I have to look the best at it.
Therefore, come September, I will be investing in some ballet classes.

Also, I will go fulltime at the dance studio in September because that's when I will be done with the dogwalking job.
I am going to miss all my pups. :(
But I am so excited to be able to get into a dream career. 
By next March I can be a very advanced dancer!
Here are some pics of new clothes that I bought for said position :) 

Here's a video of two of my coworkers/instructors!
They always win first place. 
Honored to be taught by them.
So that's pretty much it!
I'm so glad I was FINALLY able to share it with all of you!
Thank you to all who have congratulated me and wished me well on Facebook.
I am glad to have such a strong support system!
Can't wait to share my progress with you.

Sincere Apologies

Hello Everyone,
What good is a blog if there are never new entries?
I am so sorry.
Things have been chaotic.
Great, fun. 
Yet crazy beyond belief.
Truthfully, I'm not sure how I have found the time to write this post even. 
Lately I've been working 15 hours a day!
But more on that later.

It's been a great summer.
The weather kinda died down on us for a bit but I'm optimistic it will get hot again in the upcoming weeks.
I hope so.
Miss Twinkle is good but lonely lately. We both have been working so much so she certainly misses us.
Still been going to all the local fairs. 
One is coming up next week that I'm not sure I'll be able to go.
Kev and I went to it last year and it was AWESOME however with our crazy schedules til the end of August, I don't know if it's gonna be possible.
Further, I really wanted to make it to the state fair but we will see.
But here are some shots of some furry friends at the fair in Ballston Spa.

Something that's new is we have been going to the driving range a lot lately. And we even went golfing one day.
I like to go and take in the pretty scenery.
I can't hit the ball for my life. 
Maybe that'll change.
Kevin loves to go. 
He's not half bad either :) 

My Sissy surprised me two weekends ago with a visit for the day!
We went to the racetrack together and bet on some horses.
It was so much fun!
 The summer is still bringing so much beauty.
Instead of catching sunsets, I have been seeing the sunrises.

Now for the exciting news:
You're gonna have to read it in my next blog post!
No one wants to read something ridiculously long.
So there's that.
Stay tuned!