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Monday, March 18, 2013

A clean house, is a happy house

To think that in High School, my mother had to help clean my room often,
just amazes me. Because now you would never know it.
My house has to be clean now.
I can't sleep well if I know its really dirty or super cluttered.
Not to mention I am not constantly picking up if I keep it clean.
Today I had coupons for a bunch of cleaning products.
I was running low and I really needed some.
So when I got home after obtaining said products, 
I cleaned and sanitized the counters, the kitchen sink,
the bathroom counters and double sinks.
The toilet. Ugh.
The shower and the walls and tub. 
Then I vacuumed and did the laundry.
So my house is super clean and cozy. 
I will sleep GREAT tonight.
I do miss my mother's touch on things though.
In the summertime while I was at school, she would clean up my room 
and I would come home to find fresh bouquets of lilacs all over my room.
It smelled wonderful and was so peaceful.
She did teach me well though.
I know how to clean a house the right way.
Ahhhh :)

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