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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Fun Times

Let's revisit the prom!! 
First up, my prom. 2008. 
 The darn wind blew my hair EVERYWHERE.

 Long flowing locks! ;) 
Yep. Walked away with a crown that night :) Honestly surprised. It felt pretty good.
Now let's go to Kevin's Prom!

Mama did my hair. :)
 Looking spiffy!
One of my all time favorite pictures ever!! 

And then we Graduated!
First up: I.
And then this Handsome Fella :) 
Can you believe we have been by each other's sides this whole time. From his 10th grade year in highschool, (my 11th) through two proms and graduations, to 5 years now!?
I've watched my sweetheart grow up into a stunning man.
I've gotten to hold his hand and grow with him!
Wouldn't trade it for the world. 

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