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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Wishes

My 23rd Birthday is coming up in a few weeks.
I am turning 23! 
Lets recap other years:
I didn't do anything special for my 16th birthday.
When I turned 21, I didn't celebrate due to finals and papers.
22 (my favorite number) I had the flu.
Which leaves me to hope that this year will be great!
I've never had a legit large party.
That may be fun to be birthday girl for the day.
But you know me, gotta do it classy or not at all.
Its gotta be simply franee :)

Here are some things I want to have:
These pictures are not taken by myself, they are ideas formed into a collage from and are merely ideas for my 23rd birthday.
1. Beautiful birthday cards
2. Pom pom party garland in fun colors
3. Confetti filled balloons- Hey, I won't complain if there's money in them!
4. Flowers. Beautiful delicate flowers.
5. A cake just like the one in the collage! Turquoise, pink, heart topping.
6. Pink Champagne to drink
7. That crown ring is adorable. Queen for a day
8. A pearl necklace. Always wanted one.
9. A homemade crown. Not a cheesy one, a pretty one. 
10. Moscato d Asti. My favorite wine
11. Those pearl necklaces with the flowers are precious
12. A magazine subscription to Real Simple
13. Pink Fruity Drinks. Non alcoholic is just fine.
14. Sprinkle covered marshmallows. Why not?
15. A magazine subscription to people style watch.
I would really love if I could have a party this year with all my favorite people there.
We will see. Money is tight. But I'd adore it.
Just thought i'd share my birthday wishes.

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  1. i love birthday crowns! and pretty garland! :)