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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bittersweet Morning

It could have been a better morning.
Let's face it, sad tears first thing never really make for good mornings.
Fights happen. 
Fights that are silly, and for a moment we take advantage
of things we forget to remember, happen.
And though they happen, they are good for us often times.
They make us stronger. They reconnect bonds, if dealt with the right way.
Kev and I had a small tiff this morning. I cried. all morning.
Of course.
Compromising is so important. So so important.
But as I was compromising with him, explaining my feelings and working things out,
I realized I am still luckier than some people.
I still have my significant other to fight with.
I still have my sweetheart to compromise with.
To get mad at. To laugh with. And to cry about.
And I am still in the beginning of our life together. 
In 3 months we become Mrs. & Mr. Mills.
My heart breaks for those who no longer have theirs to share life with.
Even to fight with.
We all lose our heads from time to time and get too wrapped up in life.
We take advantage of the important things.
We forget that though this stupid fight made us cry, we still had the option to make it happen.
I am sorry for those who don't. 

I love him beyond words.
I love him beyond life.
I couldn't be more sure than marrying him is the best decision ever.
Because it is. 
And just like that. The fight is over.
We just need to find that realization to cool ourselves and we can fix it with a clear head
We find ourselves and whats really important. And continue to love.


Share the love. If you are inspired by this post, share a picture and a sweet something of you and your sweetheart. I'd love to see. 

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  1. so true. nice little post franee, gotta remember to love EVERY day with your other half, not just the fun and bubbly ones. :)