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Friday, March 29, 2013


Every time a holiday nears, I usually am brought back to my childhood.
Easter is coming in hot, and I remember all the things we used to do for Easter as kids.
I would almost always have a plan devised to see if the Easter bunny really came.
One year, I placed out a carrot. 
Sure enough, Teeth marks all over it! ;)
Mom always use to put movies and all our favorite candies in our baskets.
Sometimes there would be a Polly pocket or a tamagatchi/giga pets.
SO MUCH FUN. What happened to these!? (P.s Not my photo. Taken from Pinterest)
(Also not my photo- taken from Pinterest)
As I got into my teen years, I believe there was baby soft perfume and eye shadows. 
My Dad would also do Easter baskets for me, as my parents are divorced. Two of my most favorite memories were with him!
I don't believe you've met him yet. 
Here a recent of Daddy and I :) 
One year he got me a huge wicker laundry basket FULL OF CANDY!
And there was an enormous stuffed bunny that came with it.
I still have that rabbit in my mom's attic.
Another year I was lucky enough to have Easter and my birthday fall on the same day!
Imagine my excitement?
Not only did I get a backstreet boys cd and a new bike, my dad had created a scavenger egg hunt around the house.
Each egg had a riddle inside. Which would lead me to the next day.
Not only was their riddles in each egg, there were quarters and other change too.
What a fun time.
Dad always did such a fun job at holidays. During St. Patty's day he set out little leprechaun shoes and shirt and said that there was one visiting yet he left his clothes behind as he couldn't time travel with them.
Another year he made sleigh tracks in the yard and on the roof. How he did it, I will never know. I don't recall seeing footsteps- only from the door to the beginning of the tracks. 

Anyway, today I am spending the day watching Easter flixs, such as Peter rabbit and later Kevin and I are going to color Easter eggs with his Brother and Sister in law. 
Should be fun.
If I shouldn't post again this weekend, Have a lovely Easter All!


  1. ok. my daughter had that exact same polly pocket. she loved them. thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I am enjoying reading your posts, you seem like such a happy person. Your dad has the warmest smile!