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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did I ever tell you...

My Step dad and Brother enjoy trapping. 
I am not much of a fan of it but they really enjoy it and learn a lot from it.
One time, in a toe trap for coyotes, my step dad caught a bobcat.
I kid you not. 
A legit. ANGRY. Screaming Bobcat.
I got this really great picture and video of it.

(Hopefully this works for you.)

How'd we get it out of the trap?
We had to call the DEC to come and let this angry kitty out.
It wasn't easy. I think it involved a two by four to distract the cat from us, while they unhooked its little toe.
That cat hissed and spit and ran away as fast as it could.
Maybe he should have been smarter before eating most of my mother's free ranging chickens. 
Then he would have never even gotten caught red (pawed). :)
Now you know.

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