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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Excited and Motivated

I woke up this morning thinking:
"Ugh, another day stuck around the house, what am I gonna do today?"
However I sat down and had some apple slices with chunky peanut butter for breakfast
And decided that I was gonna try and get a lot accomplished.
And I did!
I made Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffins for my honey.

They smell wonderful, can't wait to share one with him when he gets home.
Which should be any minute :)
Further, I did the dishes and the laundry and put all away.
I then proceeded to clean out the junk closet.
We have this nasty habit of throwing things in this closet.
Not stacking, nor placing, but throwing and then closing the door.
Not good.
I always seem to have to clean it every few months.
Maybe we will learn this time~ haha
Then after the closet was clean, I decided to vacuum and mop the kitchen floor.
Then a quick lunch- nothing special. Leftover rice a roni and corn! haha
Then I sent out a check to my baker for our cake deposit.
I sent another check for a prescription and got those ready to go out.
Talked with a free makeover consultant regarding a makeover session with me and my girls on April 20th. 
So that's exciting! 
Then I spoke with a travel agent about possible honeymoon places.
In the running:
Grande Bahia Principe Punta Cana in Dominican Republic
Barcelo Maya Colonial and Tropical Beach in Rivera Maya
Cofresi Palm Beach and Spa Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Its hard to pick one but all vary in our price ranges
All inclusive including air, food, gratuities, taxes and fun :) 
Now to pick.
Then lastly, I am also excited because I found a possible lead on a new job.
And it was off of something that I had already been trying to accomplish.
Will stay in touch on how that is going with details.
Only thing left to do... is figure out whats for dinner. Hmmm.
Whew! Is it bedtime?

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