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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fifth Times a Charm


I've tried this blogging thing 4 times now. 
4 times I decided to give up on it.
Here's to a 5th!

First off, I am
Happily Engaged <3
June 9, 2012
High School Sweethearts
Going on 5 years.
3 Engagement Shoots.
A LOT of pictures in one year.

Me & My Sweetheart
Shoot #1~ Jeffrey Foote Photography

Shoot #2~Tara Toyryla Photography

Shoot #3 Valentine's Day~ 
Michelle S Rose Photography
 Best Friend.
High School Sweetie
The love of my life.
Soon-to-be husband <3
June 22 2013.
Prepare for fun wedding related posts :)

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