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Friday, March 15, 2013

Oswego, NY~

 Welcome to Oswego, NY
Our First Home
Directly across the street from our little home was Lake Ontario

This was the Lighthouse we got to see from our porch.

These pictures are of the park we use to visit often. Brietbeck Park.
 The Belltower. Couples usually marry here, right in the middle of Breitbeck Park. 
So sweet.

 (This is an oldie of us! Yes, Kevin use to rock Long locks of hair!)

This was one of our most favorite places to visit.
There was woods. A beach. And Chimney Bluffs. (Landmarks)

First you follow this trail down to the lake. Its a steepish walk downhill. But calm
 And here is the lake. And beach! Its rocky and some sand but mostly rocks.
But cool rocks if that makes things any more interesting.
 Then, you follow this path up to get to the chimney bluffs. 
 This is a chimney bluff. Its beautiful and one of our favorite places.
Because Kevin proposed to me on top of one of these! 
Frightening a bit, but also beautiful.
It was not the day these pictures were taken though, It was a rainy day.
And an overgrown path. But a determined journey on his part.
And we consider it a beautiful day either way.
Some days we really miss Oswego. 
We lived there for 3 years.
Our hearts grew fonder there.
There was a huge lake and gorgeous sunsets. 
But we will visit again. It was so much fun!

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