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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Peace Corp

A dear friend of ours, Greg, was recently accepted into the Peace Corps.
He has been in Morocco for a couple of months now.
I miss him so much everyday.
He was suppose to be the best man in our wedding, but he had to take this opportunity.
If you knew Greg, you would know that he is right at home in the Peace Corp.
He has studied abroad at several countries and loves every minute of it.
However it is sad he will be gone for 2 years! Maybe even more if he is offered it.
Today I smiled though because I ran across this video.
One of his fellow peace corp buddies made it and tagged him in it on Facebook.
I thought I would share with you the fun he is having.
If you are wondering, he is the one with the banjo.
And the one being a goofball.
And the one speaking foreign during the shopping scene.
Miss that boy!

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