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Friday, March 8, 2013

Sand, Sun, Scenery

I Love The Beach.
Been missing the ocean something fierce lately. 
Honeymoon will be right around the corner however we are not sure where to go.
Beach. Sun. Tropical drinks. Gardens. All inclusive.
I wanna go and not have a care or worry in the world.

This last summer was luxurious. Kevin (my Fiance) took me on 4 vacations!
1. Cape Cod
We stayed one night in Cape cod.
The next morning we boarded the ferry with our backpacks.
Soon we were in:
2. Nantucket
Our all time favorite. Favorite beach. Shops. Scenery.
After one night here we got back on the ferry to:
3. Martha's Vineyard
We probably would have enjoyed this morning if we were in a different area on the island.
But the beach was beautiful. And adorable cottages everywhere.
One night there and back home to upstate NY. 
So fun to backpack!

A month or so later we got back in the car on our way to:
Chincoteague Island. 
It was a fun trip with a scary storm one night. 
We stayed for 3 nights. 
And now come March~ I am really missing the beach.
Where to next?

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