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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Valentine's Day 2010

Can you believe that in the past five years, I have only taken pictures of ONE valentine's day?
only one.
And that was in 2010.
I came across this photos today as I was browsing through old files.
I had to share. 
We both agreed on the theme of this valentine's day:
I was woken up with breakfast in bed <3  Yes, those are chocolate chip pancakes.
In Return:
I made him an entire table of sweet foods. 
Because he is the sweetest!
However, we went out to dinner first and I kept this a surprise from him. 
I literally made him wait in the car for me while I set all this up. I had it all finished and put away in hidden places and just brought it out, set it up and off to dinner we went.
It waited for him when we returned. 
We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, and we made a reservation.
Because we did that, the manager paid us a visit.
He was in awe with our love for one another, our age, and our effort in dressing up that he paid for our meal!
And unlimited drinks.
Reservations are the way to go apparently.
Anyway, here is the photo proof:
Messy Chocolate covered strawberries.
 Bite size cupcakes.
 My take on heart shaped strawberries.
 My corny sweet cake. (I am not a baker.)
The table all decorated for him.
Of course he saw it in candlelight- but I didn't light those candles until we returned home from dinner.
His eyes were closed while I did this.
He loved it of course.
Ladies, food is the way to win over a man's heart. 
 (In 2010, we rocked different hairdos. I'm so glad my hair is long again!) 

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