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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wedding Chaos

I almost lost my head.
Lost my cool.
I started to panic and worry because my wedding budget won't cover everything.
Part of me as a bride, I want it all.
I want it to be perfect.
But, does it really matter if I have chair sashes?
not really.
Does it really matter if I buy overlays?
I can just put our champagne flutes on our registry and hope someone buys them for us.
If not, we will toast from our tumblers.
I panicked earlier today because I couldn't have these things.
Sure they are pretty, but it can be just as pretty without them.
Nature is beautiful and I am getting married in a giant garden.
Flowers everywhere.
It'll be gorgeous.
Its nothing to worry about. 
Luxury isn't everything and neither is money.
I just gotta grab my head when it starts to fall off and remember that.

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