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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I did today

Spent the day with my future mother in law :)
It was fun to get out and chat.
We went to several stores, including the mall and just window shopped.
There are a lot of pretty things in stores right now.
Went for Chinese Food for lunch.
Then continued our shopping trip.
After lunch before bringing me home, we stopped at the liquor store.
Mama said she wouldn't mind buying our champagne for the toast at the wedding.
We browsed the kinds there and are going to be trying a moscato pink champagne soon.
She took notes because she may be able to order from a catalog so its cheaper. 
Sadly I cannot offer champagne to all my guests for the toast, only immediate family.
Its expensive. And who said you had to toast with a fancy drink right?
Its just a luxury. 
But overall it was quite a fun day.
Though it was freezing, the sun was shining and then before I knew it,
there was a blizzard outside!? 
Upstate NY let's get it together. 
Though it was pretty and like living in a snow globe for a bit.
As for tonight, I'd like to do some crafting. I always say I am gonna but never get around to it.
Tonight I am going to.
Tomorrow spending the day at my mama's! Just us girls.
It'll be nice. 
here is a silly picture of us rocking out buns :) 
She wouldn't be too pleased with me posting this..

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