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Monday, March 11, 2013

Wilderness Way

What wonderful weather we have had the last few days.
It was close to 55 yesterday!
Though it was breezy it was a fun day spent with friends
In the wilderness.
Our friends Dave and Danielle have a lot of land to venture.
We decided to pack a backpack and head out for a hike.
As far as wildlife goes, we only ran across rabbits and birds.
We were so excited about our backpack of food and the idea of a picnic;
we didn't even walk more than 2 miles from home to set up!
In fact, they have a beautiful pond close by and we only walked a  bit past that.
Here a picture of it from October. As i didn't take a recent photo.
In the trees straight across we set up a metal ring fire pit and began to cook the feast.
It wasn't much but it was delicious.
Simply because we were cold and because we had been anticipating it all day.
This is Danielle. We are making our plates. She's so cute right?

 The delicious grub. Baguette bread, sharp cheddar and bacon on top. So really we only 
cooked the bacon over the fire. But sooo yummy.
Here is Dave. He is Danielle's Beau. And there's half of my cute sweetie.
 After, we decided to hike off our greasy meal by visiting the waterfall nearby.
It wasn't a big waterfall but it was pretty. This is the valley.
 The pictures don't really do it justice. It was a very deep and calm valley. Where you could see the brook 
flowing through. It was peaceful. And that log I am sitting on, was very high up from looking down. 
If I had a  bad day, that would be the log I'd visit. If I were closer to it. haha

It was so nice not thinking about our cell phones or any technology that whole day.
Peaceful. Worry free.
I am really taking in and appreciating things a lot more, like nature.
Gives me pure happiness.
Hope you enjoyed this tale.

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