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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Birthday Party!

I had an Amazing Birthday Party!
It was today and everything I wanted it to be.
It was pretty and pink as I imagined.
All friends and family gathered together and brought a dish to pass.
I made delicious sweets for all to indulge. 
Daphne made my beautiful cake!
Cotton candy drinks :)
There was party games: 
Tissue Box game- ping pongs in box, tape the box to your butt, and shake all the balls out of the box.
Cereal box game: Pick the cereal box up off the floor using only your teeth and not letting your hands touch the ground. 
Also quite funny.
Pass the spoon: Get a candy on a spoon, pass down the line to other spoons.
SO hard.
Musical Chairs
Of course :}
I even had a photographer (bestie) come and take photos for me while having fun!
You remember Tara.
Check out her photos sometime- Tara Toyryla Photography!!
It was a  lot of fun and I am so happy I had one and everyone came out to celebrate with me.
Here are some pictures of the goods.

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