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Monday, April 1, 2013

Communication is Key

Can I just take a moment to say that communication is totally and absolutely wonderful.
It is Key. And I love it.

I mean for everything:
For fights
For bonding
For creating connections
For getting help
For Job opportunities
Honeymoon connections

I am just making this known because I am certainly appreciating it today. 
I appreciate being able to easily reach someone through email and our social networks. 
Reaching someone down in Florida, Out of the US, or anywhere other than NY.
It makes all the difference.
And when you get someone who replies to you quickly, it makes that business have a wonderful image. 
And it makes me happy because I am actually getting somewhere with my questions!
Today, I was able to reach several different travel agents for possibly honeymoon locations.
All of them are working with me, and hopefully one of them can find me exactly what I am looking for and within my budget. 
That makes me happy and relieves me because I'm not sure if you've tried looking for honeymoons or all inclusive vacations, but its so difficult! Especially when dealing with a tough budget.
So having someone help me with this, is a relief. 

Further, I talked with someone who I find to be an inspiration. 
I will not disclose her name at this time because I am working on something and hopefully soon I will be doing what she does. I don't want to jinx myself! It is a job opportunity for me and I am beyond excited to get started with it. 
The last few weeks I have been organizing myself and getting ready to start my process. 
Anyway, I decided to shoot her a message today via Facebook with questions.
Because she is a popular lady, I did not expect her to respond and when she did, my heart just about jumped out of my chest with excitement!
It was so nice actually talking with her on a personal level. She answered all my questions and things I was sorta of stuck on, she helped clear up. 
But the fact that she responded, makes this 1000 times more real to me, and more possible. 
Plus I think very fondly of her now! 

Its been a busy yet exciting day in these areas. 
Hope it goes somewhere.
Additionally tomorrow, the mothers and I will be getting free mary kay makeovers. 
Quite excited :)
well i need to get dinner going.
The Mr. will be arriving soon :)

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