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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gloomy Day

Its quite a gloomy day today.
Dark outside.
Very dark inside. 
I have lots of candles lit, just because it feels nice.
Though the window is open with the kitty perched in it,
I know its going to have to rain soon.
And I almost hope it does.
A steady, calming, constant rain. 
Just because it feels like one of those days.
No idea what I will do today.
I am feeling calm, so maybe a movie.
Work is kinda on a stand still right now.
I have to be patient and let others get back to me so I can get the ball rolling.
Soon enough. Soon enough.
So I guess in the meantime I should do whatever my heart desires. 
I recently finished a great book.
If you haven't read W. Bruce Cameron's books, go and read 
A Dog's Purpose, and then after read A Dog's Journey.
Yes, you will likely cry. They are sad, but they are inspirational.
And they give dogs more of a appreciation, as its written in a perspective of a dog who lives many lives. As many different dogs. Its sweet.
So now I need to pick one of my other 100 books to read... 
Maybe I will do that.
Maybe I will scrapbook.
Tomorrow I will be going to my mama's for the day.
Then grocery shopping after grabbing Kevin after work.
And that's about it.

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