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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Honeymoon plans and Dreams

Let me start by saying that looking for a honeymoon has been a tiring and trying time for me.
It is VERY hard to find a place that we both love, and has all our expectations.
We want all inclusive. Truly all inclusive. From flight, food, beverages, hotel taxes, gratuities. all of it. 
We quite literally wanna go there and not have a worry or care in the world. 
So that's why we chose all inclusive.
Now, there are ALOT of these out there. Well known ones like Sandals to ones you've never even heard. 
Some are luxurious and expensive, and some have a motel feel in a large resort way.
Some have more positive reviews and most have negative ones. 
Some claim they are all inclusive and they truly are not, and some really are but outrageously priced.
So its been a crazy couple of months speaking with agent upon agent about possible trips.
They find us one that's over our budget and then when I look into it, its nothing I considered or well not worth the price. 
I mean its our honeymoon. You only get one of those. Its not just a vacation. Its the one time you can say its your honeymoon and get honeymoon discounts and special treatment. So obviously we want the best.
So our budget is tight. Though you wouldn't think it by looking at it, but apparently it is. 
Everything has to fit in that number. 
Very hard and some travel agents were quite rude, laughing at this.
When I asked for their advice or recommendations to work with this, they told me to up it.
Which ended our convo quite quickly. 
So I've looked and looked. And then I  found a winner. I found THE ONE.
Its over our budget a litttttleeee more than I had hoped. But honestly. I want to go to this place so very badly, that I am willing to find a way to get the money. I mean people will be giving money at the wedding. and who knows maybe Kev's parents or My dad or someone will want to help fund us. 
Anyway, I'm going to try VERY hard to get this. Because I want this. 
Its called Zoetry All Inclusive Resorts and they are GORGEOUS.
There is 3 different locations. One is Punta Cana Dominican Republic and the other are in Mexico. One in Cancun and one in Rivera Maya. All are equally as gorgeous. And when it says All inclusive. It means business.
You will feel like VIP here. There are no restrictions. And its small 52 suites total. The whole place has a spa feel to it. And I love it. The rooms are beautiful, all have ocean views and are right on the beach. There's pools and great dining. Entertainment. Relaxation. 
The pictures are gorgeous! 

I want it! I want all of it. SO much. There's nothing greater to me. This is perfect and I hope I can go here. Just thought i'd share! 

Here is some of what is included. There's more on top of this: (copied and pasted from website)
Your automatic Endless Privileges® stay includes:
          • Welcome bottle of Rum
          • Fresh fruit basket daily
          • Bvlgari® bath amenities, aromatherapy pillows and linen scents, high quality bed linens and bathrobes, electronic security safe, and more
          • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner gourmet dining options with an assortment of organic food and beverage selections
          • Unlimited worldwide calling
          • Complimentary horseback riding
        • Luxuriously well-appointed accommodations with private terraces and picturesque ocean and garden views
        • No check-in or check-out time
        • Unlimited cocktails and specialty beverages from a variety of domestic and international premium brands
        • 24-hour private, in-room dining
        • A relaxing 20 minute spa treatment per stay
        • Access to sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and sensation shower
        • Daily afternoon tea time featuring real live plants for tea infusions
        • Maid service three times each day
        • Complimentary 24-hour laundry service
        • Complimentary 20 minute wellness consultation

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