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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last day of 22

Rise and Shine,
Its just past 8 am here. 
Kevin has left for work and I have had my glass of orange juice.
The sun is shining!! It should be a beautiful day- 52 degree supposedly. 
So yesterday my dad called to remind me that I have one last day to be 22.
Tomorrow, I turn 23. 
22 is my favorite number. I am not sure if I ever mentioned that.
That's why we are getting married on the 22nd of June.
It's kinda sad that tomorrow I am no longer 22.
What a good year of being 22 has been.
Granted last year I had the flu on my birthday, a lot has happened over the year of 22.
I worked at a company for one full year (starting in Feb not April) 
and then I got the courage to quit the job, because it began to make me miserable. 
I made new friends over this year!
My good friends Sandy and Terri :)
It was a hot summer last year.
I went on 4 vacations this last summer too.
I got engaged at age 22! 
And now I am starting my own business at age 22- and have my first potential client already!
It's been quite the year. 
Sad to see it go, but my hope is to continue to make each and every year better and better.
After all, why wouldn't you? 
(this is an oldie, but my positive pic haha)

So anyway, he told me to do the things I want to do at age 22 today because its my last day.
I have no idea what those things are, and since I am cozy at home with no car, it looks like i'll be spending it in my house, doing my usual thing. 
Kevin has a plan for us to do something tomorrow, though I haven't a clue what it is.
My sweet Daphne may be coming tomorrow night and staying the whole weekend with me. 
She will definitely be at my party, which is on Sunday.
I cannot wait for that! You remember the picture boards I came up with?
Its going to be great :) 
Saturday will likely be spent baking all day long. 
Gotta have some cute and tasty treats for the party.
No worries, I'll take lots of pictures to share with you.
Well, off to get things done.
Enjoy your days :)


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BDAY Franee! May all your wishes come true.

  2. hope your birthday was splendid, girl! :) can't wait to see you sunday.
    (also, i can't get it to not say that i am anonymous. lol)

    1. oh jk, it doesn't. :P