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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Bridal Shower

On April 28th 2013, I had a bridal tea party shower thrown for me.
My maid of honor Daphne, got most everything figured out and had my 3 bridesmaids,
Amanda, Hannah, and Tara, all help her out in setting things up and bringing things to decorate.
Tara took pictures the whole day and I thought I would share:
Here is my Sister and I getting ready before hand. 
This is my excited face once I saw the inside! 
This is where we had it, at the Party Barn. 
Beautiful isn't it? 
Light chandeliers, wonderful interior... and it was so nice we could leave the doors open for the breeze. 
The tea bar, with teabags, half and half, sugar, milk, coffee, honey, and hot water. 
Pick a cup, any cup... :) along with homemade strawberry lemonade.
Here are the table setups. The favors, mint stems sitting in edible oreo dirt, along with baggies of loose leaf tea.
This is the scrapbook table, when you first walk in. People were asked to bring photos/memories of me and them and then were instructed to make a scrapbook page or two using their photos. I have not seen the book yet! Should be cute. Behind you can see the gift table and other tables set up with windows on each side. 
The guests playing the purse game- what's in your purse? There were gift baskets made for each of the winners throughout the day. 
Gift time: 

I absolutely love each and everyone one of my girls!
Not only are these some of my favorite pictures, they outdid themselves with how beautiful everything was. 

It was perfect! the day was fun! I got fun gifts, and I loved every second of it.
Thanks for coming, to all that did, and thank you for stopping by to check out this blog post!

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