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Friday, April 19, 2013

My week

It's been a pretty uneventful week. 
I went and saw my mama. 
Hung out with her, her new baby kittens who live in her outside cabin, and her chickens.
Also hung out with Winchester, her pooch too. 
Luckily it was a sunny day, I even got sun burnt on my face!
The sun is closer than I thought to get burnt. 
After her house, I went and grabbed Kev and his friend/coworker/groomsmen Chris.
We ran to walmart quick to pick up contacts for me before it closed and then to Hage Tailor Shop to get Chris fitted for his suit.
Then to Aldis for some groceries, petsmart for catfood, then back to walmart to finish the stuff we didn't grab at aldis. 
Then finally home.
Yesterday I spent at home, doing pretty much nothing.
I contacted more clients for work, waiting for callbacks.
That's one of my biggest flaws, patience.
Hung up Twink's favorite toy from the ceiling. Hours of entertainment for her.
Then for dinner went to Kevin's parents. They just got new baby ducks and chicks.
Kevin's neice Natalie, who is 5, was digging for worms to fish with. 
We also found a salamander. She even touched it!
Got home and the cat clung to Kevin. That's all she ever wants. 

Today, is pretty much the same. Boring. Not doing much. 
I'm starting to get bored. I knew this would happen from time to time. 
Just gotta stay positive and definitely do some things during the day, or I won't sleep well at night.
I guess you could say I get to do pretty much whatever I want and enjoy the simple things. So it's not all that bad.
Homemade pizza for dinner :) pretty excited for that.
Maybe Kevin and I will draw a stick from the date jar :) I made one thanks to Pinterest!
Tomorrow my girlies are coming over at 4:30 for makeovers!! With Arbonne Skin Care.
That should be fun. 
But as far as plans for this weekend, we don't really have any.
Maybe clean the car. It NEEDS it so bad.
That's about it

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