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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spa Morning

Rise and Shine Beautiful People,
My original plan was to go to my sweet Tara's for a mini spa day today.
We had one about a year ago at her house and it was awesome. I left there feeling great.
However, she had some unexpected plans occur so that plan did not happen.
So I decided I would have my own little spa morning.
I put on "spa" music on Pandora. There's a great relaxing station.
Then I showered and put on my hair mask.
I got it yesterday at Tjmaxx. And my hair neeeeeedss it. Its been so fragile lately.
So after putting my little cap on to lock in the moisture of the leave in mask, I decided to put on my facial mask.
This I got at Claire's. It probably has zero good stuff for your face but none-the-less it was fun.
Then I got my foot bath ready out in front of the fire in the living room.
I soaked my feet for about 8 minutes as everything else was setting.
The mask and hair mask were suppose to be on for 15 minutes. Check!
Then I scrubbed my feet to help make them super soft. 
Jumped back in the shower to rinse it all off.
Shaved my legs.
Used a spa body wash called Vitawash? I believe...
Once completed, I lotion-ed in this lovely Cashmere Glow Lotion I got at Bath and Body works.
Again, truth be told, this lotion probably isn't the best for you as it has alcohol in it which dries out your skin.
But at least I smell nice.
Lotion-ed my face in my lovely and favorite Clinique, Dramatically Different Lotion. 
Then I painted my toe nails iridescent purple. 
Along with my finger nails. Its not the best job I could have done but whatever. It works for now. 
Needless to say, I do feel refreshed and much better. My hair is very soft and my face feels nice. 
The only thing missing was the massage. Gonna have to sign myself up for one of those soon too! Its been over 2 months! 
Wonderful first 2 hours of my morning.
Now... laundry, dishes, and minor cleanup. 
Then getting further organized for work :) 
Enjoy your Wednesdays!

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  1. I'm overdue for a day of pampering. Sometimes I forget i can do these things for myself. :)