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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding Inspiration

Today, this is what I am doing.
I am watching wedding movies. For inspiration and just because I like them.
I am going to be going through stuff, contacting people I haven't heard from.
Working on the seating chart more.
Looking into homemade decorations.
Figuring some things out and getting further excited.
My bridal shower is this weekend and I am beyond excited!
This is what I will be wearing. With a cardi and nude pumps.
My sweet maid of honor has planned the whole thing, and my lovely girls will be helping her get it altogether.
All I know is its a bridal tea party :)
Which is right up my ally and I am so excited to see it all play out!
There will be pictures and a blog post after it happens.
Well better get going on some wedding stuff!
Enjoy your Thursdays!

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