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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding Night Accommodations

Getting pretty excited for the wedding.
60 days away!
That's it.
Today I made room reservations at a hotel in Syracuse near the airport.
Our flight leaves at 8:20 the next morning, so it's good we are close, 15 mins or so. And there's a shuttle that will take us there. 
The place we are staying at is called Skyler Hotel.
Its boutique and contemporary and very comfy looking.
Here are some pics I found via Google.

It's not a fancy honeymoon suite but that's alright. Money is tight.
And we get to spend the next four nights in pure luxury. So it isn't an issue.
My biggest question- we are going to be going to our hotel in my dress and his tux.
Gotta wear it right til the end of the night!
Which means, we are going to have take the dress and the tux to the honeymoon.
Maybe I can find someone to get them from us that early morning...?
Will have to ponder that one.
Also, gonna need someone to pick us up from the honeymoon and take us home. 

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