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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adventure time!

Good Night or Good Early Morning,
Whichever you prefer.
Yes, it is midnight on this Friday night.
Yes, I would normally be in bed getting my zzz's at the moment.
tonight we are going on an adventure.
At 1:30 AM.
No Joke.
I'm not sure if I have mentioned, but Kevin is a beekeeper.
His boss is getting bees back from Florida on a big rig at 1:30 AM.
Kevin got roped into helping and yes he is getting paid, but if you ask me, not enough!
And because I am a devoted fiance, and soon to be wife, I too am tagging along.
We never go to bed without one another.
So I am going for the ride basically because I have no idea how to unwrap bees and get things prepared to take them to their designated yards. I just know its an urgent duty and they must be unwrapped right away.
The best part?
It's raining steadily outside.
At least this will make for a memory to reconcile one day! 
Can't say I will get many pictures of the journey, but if I do, it will be of Kevin in his bee-suit!
Cutttieeee <3
So what have I done to stay awake tonight?
Just about everything!
I made paper flowers out of coffee filters for the wedding.
I pinterested wayyy to much from all my favorite boutique sites.
I had a mocha coffee moment to savor and help keep me awake (its kinda working).
I made a Garage Sale sign, as I am having one tomorrow (biggest issue is I wanted it to be early...)
I stalked my girls on Facebook and liked all their pictures and commented on some.
And now I am blogging. 
Soon we will be leaving to head to the shop for his suit, and then to the place to meet his boss.
Biggest frustration? Its only a 20 minute job. $50 for a 20 min job at insane hours?
Ohhhhh welll.
Sweet Dreams Fellow Readers, get some zzz's for me!


  1. Such a cute post. You and your hunny must be madly in love.. so sweet.

  2. Awhh thank you :) yes, we certainly are!