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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brisk Tuesday

Good Morning on this Brisk Tuesday!
The last two nights have been a bit of down grade temperature wise!
It frosted last night. 
The cat was cold- she always sleeps under the blankets with us when she is.
It's kinda a pain though because she gets into such a warm slumber and lack of oxygen, I get terrified every time she is dead!
But she is always ok, just a scare.
I am all bundled up this morning as we are out of propane for our fireplace. 
I do have the space heater, sweatpants, hoodie, and a hot mug of cocoa. 
That should warm me up in no time.
Let's recap my weekend. 

The adventure to the bees was so cool! Sadly I got zero pictures.
However at 2:30, an 18 wheeler big rig rolled into town with hives stacked through out it all.
There was a large thin holed blue netting that covered all of it!
I was told there was millions of bees on that truck!
That's crazy to think about.
So then we followed Kevin's boss and the big rig back into these big fields. It took quite a while to get there.
Then Kevin got out to help for an hour and half or so. 
I didn't see much from where I was sitting but a lot of flashlight moving.
They undid all the straps of the truck that were over the netting and the hives and then they took the netting off.
There was only 3 of them doing it so it took a bit. Kevin looked super cute in his bee suit.
He always does.
We got home about 4 am and then finally went to bed.

To no surprise the cat and the light woke me at 8 am.
which I guess was ok, because I had a garage sale to get going!
I had been pricing things all week and setting them up.
Mostly clothes, books, shoes. Not a ton of great items- though the clothes were all in perfect condition.
It was such a gloomy stormy day, I should have known better.
Not to mention I was exhausted. 
I waited until 3pm for one sale of $1.10.
I just decided to call it quits, go inside and I napped til 6:30. 
Much needed.
The rest of the night we lazed around.
Our friend Kyle came over for a bit and we went to  bed at 11.

Sunday we woke up for mother's day.
We ran to the flower/garden shop nearby and got Kevin's mom a bunch of six packs and 4 inch pots of flowers. His brother Travis, and girlfriend Kadee, made a large flower bed for his mom and ask us to contribute more flowers for the day. So we did. She was on vacation so she got to come home to it and it was a surprise.
After hanging there a while, we went to my moms. Dropped off the flowers and visited for a couple of hours and chit chatted. My mom had just gotten back from my sister's for mother's day so she was able to have a break from her usual routine.
I am still waiting on a gift for her. It'll be awhile before I get it. But that's ok.
We were gonna go to Ithaca for the Friends of the Library book sale. We go every year but decided against it- there's one weekend left which is the best time to go anyway- all the books are a quarter and under.
It's quite the sale and very packed- and though my bookshelf is always overflowing, I love it. 

Yesterday I spent my day getting my client's new website ready! Though I wasn't suppose to work on it until today (I work for them Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) Kevin's birthday is tomorrow and I have some errands and the car Thursday so I wanted to get all the important things done right away! I will still be able to some work and posting those days but not hours and hours worth- though I wouldn't really need it anyway/
The new website looks so much better and I can't wait to reveal it! I will do a blog post. 

Yes, my sweet Kevin turns 22 tomorrow! To think that I've been with him since he was 17 is amazing. 
And then, his hair got long.
And then he cut it! Love his new do!
Working out has paid off! ;) 
He has turned into quite the handsome man who is nothing but sweet, caring, and fun with me.
Can't wait to celebrate with him tomorrow! 
As far as today, just working away!
Enjoy your Tuesdays!

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