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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Honeymoon Attire! (I Promise- no lingerie shown!)

Not that you are interested, but just because I am so excited to share- I thought I would show you the honeymoon getup I ordered today! At my bridal shower I did receive some lingerie that I will not be showing you.. though I LOVE lingerie and how gorgeous it is, I understand its private image. 
However, I got gifts cards and money as well to go towards my honeymoon fund.
So, I went to Victoria's secret, of course-- a monokini and beach pants bought!
and here is what I got from there: 
(not my pictures- taken from
And then from Amazon I ordered:
(photos taken from

(The body chain!!)
and then lastly, not honeymoon related... I got these at kohls with my kohls giftcard!
(photos taken from

Dream Silk Sleep Well Lotion- Love those kind of things
And these adorable aloe infused socks. Ahhhh my feet will love me!!
The best part, overall I spent 20$ at Kohls
$56 at Victoria's after savings
and $34 at Amazon.
All these great items for so cheap. Thank you promo codes!!
Excited to get these goodies soon!! 
Gonna look smokin on the honeymoon ;)
Further, here are two dresses/gowns I would like. I will take either.
The place we are at on the honeymoon has a formal restaurant. Would love to wear one of these there.
I mean we will be treated like VIP, why not feel like VIP right?
(Photos taken from (amazon/

Hopefully I can get some more money to spend and buy something like these- as both weren't too much or not in my size!
Yay Honeymoon!! 42 days til the wedding, 43 til honeymoon :) 

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