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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let it Rain

I have been loving the weather we have been getting. 70-80s all week and last week.
Its been beautiful and I have soaked up some vitamin D. 
However, when it super nice out, all the time, I feel as if I have to be in it all the time.
Today it's suppose to rain, which I am sorta excited for.
Its calming and I don't feel like I have to be out and about doing something.
I can relax and listen to the rain. 
Yesterday was quite a productive day.
I went to all the local businesses and offered my services. 
I did end up with 2 other potential clients, compared to those who lack all interest completely. 
So that gives me 3 potential clients that I need to meet with and make them definite clients.
I cannot wait to start working and do what I love.
Again, once I have my definite clients and start working for them, I will share what my services are.
Don't want to jinx it.

I also can't wait to start working because we need the money. 
For a lot of things. And poor Kev cannot support us on his own, though he thinks he can.
So It'll be a relief once I start helping. 
Further, I am having a garage sale this weekend. I'm thinking Friday Afternoon-Saturday.
Its mostly clothes that are in great shape but I hope some teens show up and buy the whole place up!
That'll give us some extra money I hope.
Then Sunday, since my mother will be in New Hartford at my Sister's for the weekend. And Kevin's mother will be on vacation still in Florida, we are going to Watkins Glen for the day to play. 
Our good friend Ian lives there and its right near the lake so we shall go and play. He's the adventurous type so we are never bored when we go. I just hope it doesn't rain that day. 
As for today, I have a few things to do and figure out from my long to do list.
So I will focus on those and make something yummy for dinner.
And tea.
I think I will have some tea. 

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