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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sit, Let's catch up.

Good Afternoon fellow bloggers!
It's been... well busy.
All the time. 
With the wedding 32 days away, I have been booking to get everything done in time. 
Still so many homemade decorations to make.
I wish I had the tent now so I could practice! 
It would make everything so much easier! 
Otherwise all the big things for the wedding are all set.
Soon I will be paying vendors in full and before you know it it'll be the day.
Next week, I take my dress to the seamstress to get its alterations!
Not much needs to be done, but a few things. I hope its not overly expensive.
I am pretty excited to try it back on however!
Its. Perfect.
And Oh My Goodness... next weekend is my Bachellorette party!
Do you even know how excited I am!?
Its all still a surprise but I cannot wait. 
My lovely hairstylist will be doing hair trails that weekend as well. One final spin for the road until the day of. 
So for Kevin's birthday we spent the day hanging with his parents and then later we went out with his guys to buffalo wild wings. They had a few drinks and some wings and watched the Miami Heat Game. It was a fun night. I wish I could have done more for my sweetheart but I will make it up to him as I can. 

I already had a mini bachellorette party. My sister, her friends Tara, Teresa, Rosie and I all went to Lava's dance club in Turning Stone Casino. It was for my mini bachellorette party and it was also my sister's and her friend Tara's birthday too! It was a very fun night! We ate at the tavern there first  and then went on over to club to dance. It was definitely an experience as none of us have ever gone before. We weren't expecting such bare entertainment  And by bare, I mean women dancing with very little/exotic clothing. The bartenders also wore corsages and booty shorts. It did entertain us none the less but we really did not expect it. After a few drinks we were on the dance floor boogieing it up! we stayed up til the wee hours of the morning!
I was exhausted by the time we got home and quite frankly, slightly hungover the next day. 
I always forget that drinking excessively, and mixed fruity drinks, is never a good idea. 
But all in all it was a fun weekend!

For my sister's birthday I made her a few homemade things. I didn't have much cash  to buy anything so I used my resources and tried to do things she wanted or liked. She enjoyed them mostly, though they could have been better with the right materials.
Check them out for yourself:

All in all things are exciting. I am happy and so ready to be a wife. I've started my vows and I can't wait to say them to Kevin. They are sweet and so meaningful and so us. My business is slowly taking off and I now have 2 clients. Things are exciting and great!
However things are a bit tight money wise right now. We are broke. Very broke.  It can be stressful and kinda overwhelming. Though I am still looking for new clients every day, and trying to get some income of any kind, things are hard at the moment. I am so excited to say my business is registered now and it is actually happening and going through. Its a dream come true and makes me beyond happy, but I could not have chose a harder time to start it up. Right before the wedding, right when we don't have a lot of income. Its definitely hard. I just gotta keep my head positive. I just gotta keep moving forward because worrying about it isn't going to fix anything. Its just gonna put me and Kevin under more pressure. I love him beyond words. He has been doing all he can, and for letting me do this means the world. He is excited for me but I see the pressure and the stress he feels. I understand his worries and concerns. He can't do it all on his own and I just feel like I am on a time schedule. But. I can see how great life will be. I can see my business picking up and going great. I can see it all and I am excited for it. Life is going to be perfect. We just happen to impatient and overzealous at the moment. 
And that's my venting portion of this post. haha
But hey I found some four leaf clovers this weekend, 5, so it can't be that unlucky of a time. 
This is also quite a busy week! 
Got meetings on Thursday, wedding prepping in my free time, and then to my mama's on Friday. 
I will also be going to my hair stylist Friday as well. the one who cuts my hair, not the one who is doing my hair for the wedding. She has some products for me to try on my hair for the honeymoon. My hair can be such a pain. Yes, its long, so it tangles sooooo easy. Its very fragile and breaks easily. Its Staticy in the winter and colder months. And on the beach, it hates everything. It hates the wind, it hates the sand and it really hates the salt water. So I don't feel like fighting it on the honeymoon, so she has some goodies for me to try. Hopefully they work great on my hair. 
And lastly, though I am not entirely sure what I will be doing this weekend, there is a possibility I will advertise my garage/yard sale and get that up and running. I have so much stuff to sell and I want to make a little money off of it if I can. So maybe we will do that. 
And that's about it. 
Hopefully you were entertained by this post and not bored from all the rambling!
None the less, Thank you for reading!

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