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Monday, May 27, 2013

What's new my way~

Hi Everyone!
Happy Memorial Day!
How is everyone doing?
I don't ever get much of a comment response on my blog, but would love to, so share with me how you are!
Let's see, as you know life for me got crazy. 
This last week entailed of several thunderstorms, obtaining 2 new clients, getting new hair products, seeing my mother and working away! 
The thunderstorms were pretty scary a few times and I just don't like storms what so ever, so I'm glad we are back to sunshine weather today.
The hair products from my hair cutter are great! I cant wait to see them work in action at the beach! They are from the big sexy hair line and are specifically tailored to weather conditions and the beach! I hope they work!
At mom's was uneventful unfortunately. I wasn't a very fun guest that day as I worked all day on a website for my client. I felt bad but you gotta do what you gotta do. Meanwhile mom finished up making a dress for me for the honeymoon, finished my sashes for the chairs at the wedding and gave my aunt's old ring pillow a makeover! It's beautiful now and I am so thankful I have such a talented and caring mother. 
Onto my new clients!
My first new client is Sweet Valley Chocolates and Bakery, in Owego NY! They are a lovely local bakery! They have all sorts of goodies and candies and they are actually the ones who are doing my wedding cake! I am very excited to be working with them as I think they have such great potential! I will be sharing their website with you shortly once I get it launched! 
My second new client is Robin Botie! 
She is a local author in the Ithaca NY area who wrote a book for her daughter who died of Leukemia a few years back. Her daughter loved to write and wanted to be known for her writings, so her sweet mother wrote a book and filled it with all her writings! I am so excited she has chosen me to help get her and her book promoted! She is one of the sweetest women I know and it is going be so much fun to work with her! It will be a challenge but I can handle it! I will post her website and more stuff soon as well! 
So it seems my financial venting post sorta worked in my favor! Though I still need more clients and income, I am at least making a little! 
As far as the wedding stuff goes, I have been making tissue paper flowers, paper fans for the ceremony, and other fun garlands! Tomorrow I am getting my dress and trying it back on and taking it to the seamstress which I am so excited for! Eeekk!!
This will be yet another very busy week! I have another client meeting, and seek out more potential clients,  Gotta meet with my officiant and get things squared away, go grocery shopping, stop at Kevin's tailor to pick up a refunded check from an order change, and visit the venue where we are having the wedding so we can see what paths we plan on walking on. I also need to order my bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, pick up sheet moss from my florist, start making my table numbers and anything else. My bachellorette party is this coming Saturday and I am beyond psyched!  The wedding is in 27 days and I am so excited but still have kinda a bit left to do! 
So if you don't hear from me, you know why!
Keep reading, I love entertaining! 

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