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Monday, May 6, 2013

Where have I been?

So I disappeared for a little bit.
I can see my disappearing happening more this month and during June with all the crazy wedding plans!
There is 47 days left.
And there is a lot left to do still.
I better get going on it.
So where have I been?
Let's see...
Last week I was working on getting my business one step forward. I tell ya patience is needed for starting businesses and that's my biggest flaw! So I worked on that.
I went to my mama's one week day to help her spring clean and rearrange her house.
I sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather. 
I organized my closet with summer and spring clothes and put the heavy stuff away.
I played with miss Twinkle
Went to Kevin's parents to the casino for dinner one night.
I cleaned the car out spotless from all the winter dirt and stuff that made it on my seats and dashboard. It was disgusting and took 3 hours!
And we also went to Amanda's to see our god-babies, Olivia and Gavin! Mr. Gavin turned 1! 
I went to a Mother Daughter Banquet with my mama and Grandma and that was nice.
This weekend we went to Rochester to help good friends move into their new house! Love the new house more and they loved the help! 
So we have been busy none the less! 
And this week and weeks here on out will be chaotic too- but I can say I am enjoying staying busy! 
Though I do miss just smelling the flowers and relaxing. 
I hope everyone is taking time to enjoy what they love, and I do love staying busy so I am loving life at the moment! Nothing like a to do list- love a good challenge!

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