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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hey there!

Hi Ya!
I got a second to write!
Between my 4 clients, (yes I got another new one!)
Welcome, Parkview Pizza in Spencer NY :)
and my crazy wedding planning life, I've been slightly preoccupied.
Even in the middle of this blog post, I already had to stop to email someone and do one more thing!
I'm back now and going to try to commit.
Let's see what's new since you've last heard from me?
Well, other than the new client, I've been prepping the crafts for the wedding.
It's going to be so so sweet.
I get married in 9 days. NINE. I am so excited yet its unbelievable all at once.
I have made my table numbers, ceiling decor, table decor and soon I will be doing my wedding signs and my Mr. & Mrs. signs for the back of our chairs.
As excited as I am, I am so ready for it to be here and be over. 
I am so ready to lay on the beach and not move.
I am so ready to not have to call vendors or remember one last thing or deal with my wedding account.
I am ready :)
Today I went and got my wedding dress from the seamstress. It fits perfect and looks great! I then took it back to the salon so they could hold it and steam it for me until the day before the wedding!
It rained all day, and steadily today. Now don't get me wrong, I love the rain- I hope it doesn't on our big day but it won't be the end of the world if it does. But when it rains all day long and hard, I get chilled to the bone and all I want to do is soak in a hot tub all day long, with candles and well exactly this scenario:
I wish I had exactly that. But I have far from it unfortunately. 

Additionally this week I found a small sample bottle of perfume for the wedding day. And I have things prepared to have my soon to be sister in law to do my nails for the wedding. She's really good at it! That's a relief too because I just don't have any more money to spend.
I got my shoes finally! They are so cute and perfect! 
I got something prepared for my dad for Father's Day and that came in the mail, thankfully.
Tomorrow I go to get my marriage licence as before I forgot that you needed birth certificates to fill one out! 
So tomorrow! 
I went to my florist and paid everything off. Got sheet moss to start a craft, and next week I pick up all my cute little favors to start writing names and table numbers on the pots. It's all still a secret, but no worries soon enough you will know all of the details and have PICTURES :) 
Miss Daphne comes next Wednesday, the tent comes on Thursday and then the decorating begins!! Then rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday and finally the big day will be here. There are still a few details I'm trying to square away such as possibly riding in an old fashion car, available through Kev's family and where my girls and I are staying the night before. I found this great retreat house RIGHT near where I am getting married. $150 a night. I have it in the budget but for whatever reason I am scared to spend that money. I know I am not forgetting anything but just want to make absolute sure of course. 
Otherwise, nothing is new. I have my vows all written and they are beautiful and it's definitely going to be a tear-jerker wedding. If you don't hear from me, you will after I come home from my honeymoon!
Stay tuned everyone and enjoy your days :)

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  1. Love your enthusiasm for life! It's amazing how fast your business is growing, keep it up! Love the wedding updates too, btw.