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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Soon to be Bride

Ladies and Gents,
 I get married in 3 days. THREE!
I am so excited and nervous and have had butterflies all week!
Good butterflies of course but it's just a whirlwind of emotions.
I won't feel any different as Kev and I have been together acting as if we were married for the last 5 years. 
So that won't be any different. 
And my last name won't change much. From Hill to Mills is an easy adjustment.
And though I am running around with my head off a little bit, everything is pretty much all figured out as far as the reception and decor goes. 
I am just so excited that its making me jittery!
I get to wear my gorgeous dress and have a gorgeous hair style.
I get to finally marry my best friend of all time.
He is the one for me. I knew it from day one.
We belong together and I know we will have a perfect marriage.
I will love him until the day I die. And then after that.
While I am in this lovey mood, I should revisit my vows and make sure they are how I want them to be.
He has had his finished for quite some time! That makes me excited to know.
He always waits until the last minute- but he surprised me when he said they were finished. 
The last week has been crazy thus far, running around everywhere. Packing for the honeymoon. Figuring out last travel plans as we leave the next morning for the honeymoon.
Then everything with the wedding from vendors to decor to where me and my girls are staying.
Today I go and pick up my wedding dress and my maid of honor Daphne comes. 
We have to go grocery shopping and figure out some things.
Tomorrow the tent goes up at 9:00am and we shall start setting up and decorating all day.
Friday more decorating, getting my stuff situated at the rental house, and getting my nails done. Then of course rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 
Then the big ole day!!
You won't hear from me until after the honeymoon and I can't guarantee when that will be- but be sure to check back as I will be posting photos!!
Enjoy every minute. 
I know I am
The soon-to-be Bride. 

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