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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Burlington VT Road Trip

Good Morning, or Good evening~
This past weekend we took a random road trip to Burlington, Vermont.
Why Not? 
That was our thought process anyway.
We have been wanting to move for quite some time.
Somewhere cheaper and where the jobs are more apparent.
Not for me, since I work from Home, but for Kev.
So we decided to go and see if Burlington VT was our place.
The drive wasn't too bad. 5 hrs and 30 mins. 
We have some friends, Dave and Danielle, currently living up there at the moment, they actually moved up there a couple of months ago just to live somewhere different. But they are moving to Rochester in a few weeks.
So we stayed with them in their veryyyyy tiny hot apartment. haha
But no worries, their hot water wasn't working at the time so if we got too hot we could always shower in an ice shower. haha
They were in the heart of Burlington. 
Walking distance from everything.
Burlington Vermont is so cute! Everything is picturesque.
The mountains are in layers when you first come in.
Everyone there was very friendly and especially with their dogs!
You could take your dogs with you to the restaurants and they even give your dog a bowl of water while you eat.
We really loved that about it.
We also loved that you could park in multiple directions on the one side of the street. Not like NY where you have to have all the cars facing in one direction.
The outskirts (country) of Burlington are also very pretty and so are the commons.
There are some really cool shops I would love to market for, let alone shop at.
But it is quite crowded. 
It is a younger age group which is cool, but it was a bit too college like for us.
Kev and I never have been partiers or college people and that's the vibe we got.
That's why I got out of college in 3 years rather than 4, because I just didn't like the atmosphere.
Lake Champlain is pretty from afar however, at the time from all the rain, it was a mess.
There was garbage, green stuff, and boards in the lake. 
Not sure why but I couldn't bring myself to swim in it for that reason.
It was fairly warm to swim in however. To my feet anyway.
So no swimming for me but it was nice to be able to visit that area anyway.
We went for a mini hike to see some great views, and mainly walked to shops.
We ate a few good places such as Ben and Jerry's, A flat bread pizza restaurant and we went to a bar that was AWESOME.
You had to pay for the games but there was pool and video game machines etc. It just had cool woodsy interior and was a comfortable place. we went and had a drink and played cards. Dave whooped us all. 
We also went to the local lake aquarium which was neat to walk through. Lots of frogs and turtles and fish. 
Went to a fun place for lunch and then hit the road back home.
On our way home we ran into MULTIPLE torrential downpours. It was like the whole state of NY was thunderstorms. 
But we got home around 8:30 and had a lot of fun.
Here are some pictures that I took along the way. 
 Blackberries along the path

 Such pretty woods to walk through

 We met a friend..who didn't want us around.
 And Danielle didn't want to be there either 

 This guy doesn't know we were taking his picture...

 Mama and her babies 

 This is the really cool bar we went to

 The commons
 Everyone stopped to look at this dog. 
The commons goes on for 4 blocks worth!
All in all it was fun to visit, we didn't see ourselves living there though.
On to the next place. 
Wherever that is.

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