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Monday, July 8, 2013

Honeymoon to Zoetry Resorts

Hi Again,
Gosh I am a productive blogger today!
So let's talk about the honeymoon. <3
Let me start by saying that you should always go ALL INCLUSIVE!
I couldn't have been happier with our choice to go to Zoetry Resorts. 
To be specific: Zoetry Paraiso De la Bonita Riviera Maya In Mexico!
It was a dream.
An absolute DREAM!
First time flying was so much fun! We both loved it. 
We paid for nothing while there.
Though you could buy bottle of wines, there was a pricey gift boutique, you could go snorkeling and scuba diving for extra. Massages etc. Stuff like that.
But all meals and drinks were included.
Room service included.
Laundry service we took advantage of. 
Awesome bali beach beds and 2 wonderful pools. One was salt water, you float in, another just a normal pool. Both so warm you could walk right in with no problem. For me that's usually an issue.
It was awesome.
The only time we spent any money was in Puerto Morelos, when we went on the boating tour to the town to buy any souvenirs. 
Boy that was a dangerous place. not safety wise but your money went quickly!
Everyone was very friendly there and there was shops on shops. 
They weren't necessarily cheap but they are willing to give you a bargain or price cut if you can't afford something.
In fact, they almost made sure they made a deal with you and you bought something before leaving.
Saying no thank you almost never worked.
So needless to say $100 went quickly and we didn't even get to get everyone something.
But it was fun. That's where the crystal waters were.
The resort didn't have crystal waters at the time we went. From the rain and the reef, a lot of sea weed washed up. But at Puerto Morelos, there was BEAUTIFUL waters.
Our room was so comfortable and gorgeous! It was big.
The shower and tub were both favorites. 
The shampoo, conditioner and body wash were fancy Bvlgari Eau Brand! $40.00 for a small one usually. For us free. So our hair got treatment and it smelled awesome. 
The weather was gorgeous the whole time, 95, breezy. Thank goodness for the pool and the air condition. haha
The sand on the beach was so nice to walk on and super fine. It was beautiful.
Hardly any bugs.
Iguanas everywhere!
Peacocks on the property with other fun birds.
And lastly the service there was unbelievable.
everyone was so so so accommodating and friendly. 
They truly made you feel like VIP where they knew your names and brought you things right away.
Always made sure you were comfortable and happy. 
And catered to your every need. 
They were like having butlers all over the place!
It was outstanding and was so nice to not have to move a finger the whole time.
If you get a chance to go to Zoetry Resorts anywhere- be sure to. Its small 92 rooms, private, luxurious and worth every penny. 
Here are the pictures I took. not in the order we saw but its annoying to organize them. We miss it already!!
 Strawberry Daiquiri 
 Boat Tour to Puerto Morelos

 Found the Crystal Waters

 My dress for the fancy restaurant. La Canoa. Gourmet Dining <3

 He's so handsome

 Oil vinegar and very old aged cheese for bread
 The appettizer
 The bread
 First course- mushroom pasta dish (in fancier terms)
 Kevins Clam chowder
 Rack of Lamb for Kev
 Kev's desert. Chocolate Platter
 Strawberry Sorbet
 So good looking :)


 Wild Iguanas EVERYWHERE!

 Their ducks...
 Lemur! That's their wild squirrels!

 Romantic Turn Down service <3

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