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Monday, July 8, 2013

June 22, 2013. Officially Married

Hello all!
So sorry it has taken me so very long to write. 
I am sure you can understand though.
With the preparations to the wedding and then the wedding itself, followed by the honeymoon, life has taken some time to get back into the routine of. 
June 22nd was a beautiful day. I woke up at 7:30am to watch the sunrise. 
My girls and I stayed the night in a rental house in the country- couldn't be more beautiful. 
That morning we ran to the venue to pick up my flowers and do any last minute fixing/decorating.
Then we started getting our hair done at 9:30am. 
A good friend of mine did it and she did a fantastic job! All our hair came out stunning! We have done practice runs with her and each time it seemed our hair got better. I couldn't be happier with the results.
I also had another good friend/family come and help her do the curling part. Which was a ton of help!
I went last and then we did our makeup.
My nerves didn't kick in until I put my dress on.
That's when I suddenly got a little nervous. I wasn't really the night before but I took two shots to sleep well as I sleep terrible when I am not next to Kevin. 
And so for this moment, I drank a mini bottle of UV vodka to cure my nerves. And let me just say that it was DISGUSTING. AWEFUL! It stung and burned and tasted like fire. 
But it worked and calmed me enough.
Good thing too! 
As we got there, there was an ambulance and a police man at the venue with flashing lights. It sent me to worry.
I worried more when I found out that it was my bridesmaid's fiance who had got into an accident on the way here.
I would have been shaking and probably would have cried if I never took that bottle, but it was keeping me together for the most part.
Where I got married, its in the middle of nowhere. There is no cell phone service. Its on a dirt/back road to get there. Its in a man's backyard basically who lives in the deep country. That's what made it beautiful!
but that's also what made it dangerous.
For those who have never drove on a dirt road as such, accidents can happen and one did.
Luckily he was ok. He also had their 1 year old son in the car with him when the car rolled. 
But both were perfectly ok. Not too shook-en up but thankful to be ok.
Gavin, their son, acted as if nothing happened and couldn't have been a happier baby! 
So that relieved me.
My poor bridesmaid Amanda was a mess, as expected and was very cautious letting them out of her sight for a while. I was just glad they were ok.
This pushed my ceremony back 10 minutes. Luckily not more than that as it was already a hot day and everyone was sweating waiting for the wedding as it was outside and mostly a standing ceremony. Immediate family could sit and the elders who needed to, but otherwise it was standing. 
The wedding was perfect. 
Kevin looked stunningly handsome in his tux.
His face when he saw me was adorable.
A ton of people showed up for it.
It was nice and sweet and short. 10 minutes tops!
Our vows were very touching to one another.
And the kiss was all I dreamed of.
It was a beautiful day (HOT) but really really nice none the less.
And it was a gorgeous wedding/tent set up.
Sure there were some things that went astray.
Such as the lack of organization of things and the accident before hand, 
But in my eyes it was perfect and I couldn't be happier or still more excited that I am finally married to the love of my life. 
I promised you photos so now I will share.
Those of you who read my blog via facebook, have seen most of these already but for those of you who have not, enjoy!
I had some great photographers!
Tara Toyryla Photography
and Joey Sears Photography!
Joey typically does not do photos, so he was honored and probably nervous when I asked him to take some for my wedding. 
I cannot stress to you enough that for not being a photographer- he did A FANTASTIC JOB!
Both Tara's and his photos were gorgeous and blended really nicely together.
Both have different styles of photography but they really did a great job and captured everything I needed them too!
There's still a ton of photos I have yet to see but when I do finally see them I will continue to share. I am sharing both the professionally done ones and the ones that I got tagged in :)
So here is our June 22 2013 Saturday Wedding. At 1:40pm sharp
Reception and fun to follow. 
Watched the sunrise
 This is where I slept. 
 Breakfast? & Mimosas <3

 That's ^ my best friend- my sister <3
First Dance <3 ^A section of my vows to Kevin
 Father Daughter Dance
Step-Father Daughter Dance
 Best Man Toast
 Maid of Honor Toast
 My Bridesmaid's Table

 This is a cutout of our best friend Gregory. He was to be the original best man but got accepted into the peace corp to go to Morocco this last January! We were so excited to see a cutout of him there!
Mrs. Franee Mills

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