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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Good Morning!
I know it's been some time.
We have been pretty busy this way. 
We are actually contemplating moving.
Kevin had a job interview in Glens Falls NY with Verizon Wireless.
Its his dream to work there.
Haven't heard back yet but it is the first interview he has with them through all the times he has applied, so we are hopeful.
I'm not sure if you have ever been to Glens Falls area but it is GORGEOUS.
We loved it there! Very friendly people, beautiful landscape and town layout.
It has so much to offer with Saratoga Springs nearby and Lake George. 
Cute shops that are unique that my business would thrive on.
I want to find a new place that wins us over. Hasn't been easy.
I will keep you posted on if that should happen.

But additionally I have just been working and trying to really get things booming.
All my clients are doing great and I think that I am doing a great job for them. 
Robin Botie, my author client, has her first book reading! August 4th at 3:00pm at Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca NY. She will be reading 8 minutes of part of her book. 
I recommend going and hearing it because she writes wonderfully and her story is touching.

Robin lost her daughter a few years ago, at age 20 (so she would be my age) from complications from Leukemia. It had been an ongoing battle with treatments and all else, and though Marika fought through it, she unfortunately still passed. 
Very sad.
I can't imagine being a mother and losing a daughter.
It took Robin a very long time to reach out and come back into the game of life.
Her daughter's writings helped inspire Robin to reach out and start writing herself.
She has a very touching blog that I recommend you to read. 
She has some pretty interesting graphics she creates for her blogs as well- photoshopping and all else is one of her hobbies! 
Please go and read Robin's story. And please share Robin's story. 
If she does not build a strong enough platform, she will be unable to get her book published, and this is a story that needs to be shared and told. 


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