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Thursday, July 18, 2013

We. Are. Moving!!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,
We are officially moving to Glens Falls NY area.
Kevin got offered a position with Verizon Wireless and they would love for him to start immediately.
They even offered to put us in a hotel for a week or two to get him in right away.
However, I do have miss Twinkle which most hotels do not allow..
so, there's that.
Also, uhauls are a bit pricey so sitting with stuff at a hotel for a while is going to rack up.
its a 3 and half hour drive from here (home) to there (new home).
This does put some pressure and stress on me to pack up this house quickly and find a new place to live.
I am quite excited to move that way.
Its beautiful and the people are so friendly and I think it could be great for my business.
I am also VERY excited for Kevin because he has always wanted to be involved with technology and now he gets to be.
If you know him, this is a perfect fit.
I'm excited to see life unfold there.
I just want to find a place to live.
That i love.
That allows pets.
With great landlords.
And is better than where we are now.
Which I will admit has not been the easiest thus far. 
But I keep trying.
Probably will start packing today.
That's the worse part to see the house all boxed up- it makes me sad every time.
But have no fear, we will likely be visiting the hometown often. All our family and friends are here!
Not to mention Kevin and I are in a wedding for our best friends Amanda and Nya, so we gotta be around for that!
Its going to be crazy, these next two weeks. We have a wedding next weekend on the 27th which throws things around a bit and makes me feel I need to find a place at this very moment. I hope i can!
Well I will keep you updated on things when I can. Maybe with pictures!

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