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Friday, August 16, 2013

I Love Saratoga Springs

Hi All,
Saratoga Springs has it all.
We absolutely LOVE living here.
In the heart of it.
We walk 3-5 mins and we are in the busy strip downtown. 
But there's more than just specialty shops, great food, cool restaurants and bars. 
There's parks, and museums, outlets, and the horse race tracks. 
There's also big malls, spas, beautiful houses everywhere, mini golf, bowling.
Not too far from us there's a six flags, lazy river rafting, white river rafting, lakes all around.
Like I said. It has it all. 
And we adore it.

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  1. franee girl... i love your pictures! :) i definitely want to come out to see you!! looks like it would make for a really beautiful fall weekend! i especially love the picture of you 2 lovebirds with the sun, and the picture with the wine - haha. you look very happy! very wife like.