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Friday, August 16, 2013

My new home

Hello Fellow Blog Readers
I am VERY late and behind on my blogging but I am so excited to say I have over 4000 page views!
That's wonderful and keeps me wanting to post. 
So I thought I would share with you the final set up of my new place :)
It is quite smaller than what we had before. 
I had to get rid a lot of things sadly.
But I guess that's alright.
I definitely really love the colors we chose even more now that my stuff is in each room too.
I didn't post pics of the kitchen as it didn't really change. I put down a yellow rug and 4 chef pics on the wall. I did redo the cupboards but otherwise didn't end up painting it yet. Maybe in the future. 
 The Private Staircase. Aka: Twink's window
 The bedroom. Had to work with the outlets in regards to the setup. Not many.
 My jewelry/perfume station ;)
 The dining room, which we are using as more kitchen space.
 The foyer 
The Bathroom. Quite small but turned out so cute in comparison to old bathroom.

Here are pictures of the place before we painted/before we moved in. 
The bedroom
 Living Room
 Dining Room

Nice change right?
Really had to utilize my space to the best of my ability.
I am glad to be done unpacking and have it feel more like home.
Onto the next post

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