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Monday, August 26, 2013

Things on my mind

Things that have been on my mind:
1. I miss my wedding. I miss it so much and can't believe how fast it went by.
I hear my song that I walked down the isle to and instantly tear up. I look at photos of it and wish I could relive it. 
2. I need money. I feel worthless lately. Kevin works so hard and trust me I do too, right now its been working so hard to get more clients. It hasn't been an easy task. I've been told I'll have better luck come September because then the race season is over and shops will  be less busy. Seems backwards to me though. While they are busy you would think they would want the more help. But I will keep trying and hoping. Because truth be told, we are pretty broke.
3. How much I want it be just a rainy down-poury day. One that I can light a ton of candles and just listen to it. I love these beautiful days, but I really want a rainy one. 
4. How much I miss my family and friends. I still talk to them the same amount that I use to but I just miss them. A lot. And I am a bit lonely throughout the days. Again its the same it was when we lived at the old place but somehow my mind thinks differently. 
5. How much I want to have a major shopping spree. To go to TJ Maxx and all the cute shops around here and just buy some new things. In due time I will be able to but til then.
6. How bummed I get knowing that I may not be able to do all the things on my "by the end of summer" list. Because most everything on there costs some form of money. I really just need to win the lottery. I hate that money rules the world.
7. How excited I am to join Yoga, in the future or possibly try out Pilates.
8. I still have insane beach fever. Missing my favorite places. Nantucket, Rhode Island, Martha's Vineyard. I just wish I could go back soon. 
9. I can see how great life is now and how much greater it has been since we moved, but still how great it can still be.
10. How crafty I've been lately, with watercolor painting and how much I want to scrapbook. But really could use more stickers.
11. How much I want a date night, may be drawing a stick from the date jar soon. I really just want a night where Kevin randomly wants to dance with me. Its all I've ever wanted.
12. How excited I am for our friends to come up and visit. Next weekend our friend Kyle and his gf Katie are coming up this way to camp and are gonna hang with us one day. Another weekend his parents will be coming up to stay and explore the area with us. And after that, our friends Dave and Danielle are coming to scope out the new area. <3 So excited to see friends!!

And that's about it.

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