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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Apple Picking!

How's it going?
Yesterday Kevin and I had the day off, so we decided to go apple picking in the afternoon!
We went to Bowman's Orchard in Rexford NY, a 30 min drive from where we live.
The ride was pretty with more of country view and the orchard was welcoming.
Usually back at home, we go to Little Tree every year, our favorite, so we wanted to be sure to find the best of the best apple orchard up here.
I was torn between Bowman's and Hick's and I think I may have enjoyed Hick's better.
Bowman's you had to drive your car through the orchard,  because it was big, which is good but then they do a complete vehicle search when leaving to be sure you didn't steal any apples. If anything they should give wagon rides to people out there, so not only are you getting more a fall feel, but you are exercising, and no more vehicle checks. 
They take this very seriously and weren't as friendly as I hoped.
So anyway, we picked lots of apples and found that Snow Sweet are one of our favorite types!
Normally we love Honey Crisp but this orchard didn't have that. 
So Snow sweet we loaded up on!
The orchard was large and had lots of options.  
But we were on a time schedule, 30 mins til it closed so we had to move quickly.
After our 2nd stop, our car battery decided to flake out on us.
Completely Dead. 
10 mins til closing.
In the middle of an apple orchard.
Talk about luck.
So a nice lady told the guys up front and soon a golf cart came to the rescue to jump us so we could go home.
We were altogether pretty happy with our visit but missed Little Tree and the homey fall feel it brings.
We also missed out on apple cider donuts.
Though, there's still time.
And we saw our first wooly bear!

So then this morning, not thinking about our inconvenience yesterday, got right up early ready to go to the gym.
Ra ra rr.
Dead battery.
It's not so easy when you don't have family up here to help!
So Kev cleaned off any corrosion again and we asked the neighbor to jump us. 
We then went straight the Auto Advanced Parts because we read they do free battery installation.
False advertising because they don't do it for our particular car.
They would have to take the wheel off and it partially apart to do the battery.
Well shoot.
So then we bought a battery pack in hopes that that would jump Kev when 9:30 came around for him to leave for work.
We charged it for an hour and a half or so, and nope that didn't do the job.
Off to find another neighbor, who agreed to jump us.
And Kev took the battery pack with him to charge all day at work.
I hope it works for him tonight at 7:00pm. 
At least he will have a coworker there to help jump him.
We shall see.
Guess who has to go to the shop tomorrow?
And it's likely gonna cost us over $100. 
Where has my luck gone?

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