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Monday, September 23, 2013

Over 5000 Page Views!

Ladies and Gents,
I wanted to take a moment and tell you how grateful I am to have reached over 5000 pageviews.
I tried blogging several several times before and it was a lost cause.
You all inspired me to stick on it this time and I am glad I did.
It means so much to have people reading my blog, even if hardly any comments are left and I don't have a number of followers. 
The fact that you come back is enough. 
Thank you so very much!

In other news, Kev and I are great. 
Not a whole lot to report this way. Other than working, I've been studying up on my business and social media knowledge, along with my watercolor skills.
Here's some new paintings I've done
 Love Birds
 Field of Poppies
 The delicate poppy
 Whimsical Moth
 Sweet temptations of Autumn
 This one is for my father in law, who adores cows.
 Little girl in the rain
 Made this one for my sister who has two identical black, long tailed, monsters
 Yoga Kitteh
 Had to keep this one myself. Sunset and water perfection
 The sun setting by the water edge
 Swoop into color
An orchid and a rose pose.

The other day I visited the Henry St Fall Festival.
A dozen little vendors all set up on the streets.
Music was played, there was some food vendors and mainly crafty things.
It was very kid friendly with pumpkin painting and face painting along with puppies!
I saw so many cute little pups.
I wish I could have one.
Walking through it lasted 5 mins but I was still glad to make the walk.
Afterwards, I visited the public library.
This place is ENORMOUS.
3 floors, cafe, and a used book shop all inside.
I spent a good two hours browsing.
Left with a bunch of movies, cds, and a few communication books to study up on.
Twinkle was thrilled.
It was fun.
I plan on visiting it more often- since college, when I visited the campus library, I forgot how useful they truly are.
Love libraries.

Miss Twinkle is doing just fine. Working the camera lately and taking extra naps when necessary.

The weather has cooled down a bit this way but its still sunshiney and gorgeous.
I am excited to go see the fall foliage the first two weeks of October.
Gonna head out to Lake George way and see it, so I'll be sure to post any marvelous pictures I shall gather.
That's about it!
Stay tuned for more recent postings.
Thanks again!

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  1. congrats on 5k- I love your blog and stop by often, although i don't always take the time to comment. Your paintings are incredible- you're very talented. Cute braids, btw :)