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Monday, September 23, 2013

Robin Botie

Hi Everyone,
Let me reintroduce you to Robin.
She is a local author in the Ithaca NY area who is finishing a book for her daughter, Marika. 
Marika got diagnosed with Leukemia, and though she kicked the illness, she sadly passed from complications. 
As any devastated mother would do during this tragic life experience, she rummaged through Marika's room to find ways to further connect with her now that she was gone. 
She found that her daughter loved to write and wanted to be known for her writings. She started responding to poems and excerpts that Marika wrote. It seemed to be a way to communicate with her. 
And one day, she decided to write a book, filled with Marika and her own writings. A mother daughter memoir if you will. 
Robin is a fanastic writer! Very entertaining and personable. And her words keep you reading. If you haven't been to her blog, I suggest you do! 
In fact, it would really make my day and Robin's day if you subscribed to her blog and shared it with all your friends and family! 
In order to get her book published and moving forward Robin needs a strong platform.
In Robin's spare time, she enjoys photoshopping. Here's just some of the things she had fun with:
I am so excited and honored she has chosen me to help get her and her book promoted! She is one of the sweetest women I know and it is so much fun to work with her!
Get to know her yourself! You'll be glad you did. 
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