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Thursday, October 3, 2013

100th post and over 5200 pageviews?

Hello lovelies!
How exciting that I am just writing my 100th post and already have over 5200 page views, in a little over 8 months!
That's super duper exciting.
So let's talk.
What's new your way?
As for me, I had a lot of apples from my orchard adventure.
I've been baking.
Here are some of the goodies I've made in the last week or so. 
You can imagine my hubby is beyond tickled with all the goodies!
First on the list. Apple pie! Gotta be honest, Kevin made this all himself. And it was so so good!
 This is a hollowed out apple bowl baked for 15 mins with cinnamon and sugar. After it's filled with vanilla ice cream and whip cream on top. mmm!
 These were so fun to make! Went out and gathered thick sturdy sticks, stuck em in apple, melted a bag of carmels and dipped them. 
Be sure to wash the apples first, so the carmel sticks better.
DELICIOUS and so so cute!!
 Apple donut muffins! They were good but a little dry. and were more muffin like than donut like. The recipe said they would be more fluffy like donuts. I didn't get that in my experience. 
 Of course, homemade cinnamon apple sauce. A fall favorite.
 These were fun. Apple hollowed out as bowls and filled with hot carmel spiced apple cider, a lemon wedge and a straw. Not much to drink but cute none the less. 
 These may have been my favorite, Fried Apple Rings. mmmmm
For me, they weren't so much rings, as they were bits.. but I'll get better at it! haha

All in all, very pleased with what I've made so far! 
I hope to look back at all these and next fall try and get even more outta fall!
I recommend each and every recipe.
Still gotta make a few more, so we will see what they turn out to be!
I am LOVING fall here in Saratoga Springs!

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