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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Liberty Ridge Pumpkin Farm

How is everyone!?
It's been a while, I apologize.
Things got a bit busy here.
One day I cooked all day. Cheddar broccoli soup (good) stuffed cabbage (first attempt.. it was ok not as good as I've had) and a ham and veggie casserole. (not so great. strange flavor). It was a shame.
Had a great day with Kev yesterday on his day off!!!
First we started by going to the pumpkin farm!
Then we went and switched to t-mobile from Verizon. The coverage isn't as good but the prices make it much more worth it! Unlimited everything, we get to keep smartphones, all for 50$ less than Verizon. No contracts so that means we can leave whenever we pay the rest of our phones off. So its a post payment plan and its awesome. I left with a shiny new LG G2 and LOVE IT. We sold our old phones, got the money and used it towards to new ones. Had fun with the extra money at the pumpkin farm and Dave and Busters for the first time.
Have you been there? GO! It's SO MUCH FUN! I loved it.
However I was under the impression it was adults only..from all the times I've seen commercials.
Not the case. So many kids there yesterday.
Liberty Ridge Farm is such a beautiful place.
Would have been perfect for a wedding!
The owners are super sweet, as is all the staff and somehow we scored ourselves a private tour!
We got a golf cart ride and got to see in the inside of things such as where the animals live and what not.
It was a lot of fun!
We did 2 corn mazes, pet the farm animals, and did all sorts of activities. Including a 
So cool. Wish I got a pic of us jumping on it.
Admission was $12.50 but included all these things. So it was pretty sweet.
We even left with free pumpkins :) 
Here are some shots we got along the way!

 Pumpkin Maze
 Where's Kevin?

 Phase one and two. We did one in 7 mins, 2 in 18! They said 15 for one, and 40 for two. Whaaaa?

 Sweet bridge in the middle. We were far out.
 Welcome to Bunny Town! SOO stinkin cute.

 Baby Bun.
 These were so much fun! For the record, I won.

 THAT'S ^ the big jumping pillow. HUGE filled with compressed air. You jumped Soooo high! 
 The human gerbil wheel :) harder than it looks.

 Sweet sleepy baby cow. 

 We had so much fun. 
Hope everyone else is having fun too!

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