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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Squinkle Twinkle Cat

Another cat post.
Can you blame me?
Just love my girl so much!
Though her love is limited.
She loves Kevin WAYYYY more than me.
And that's about it.
She doesn't like anyone.
But plays the deceiving card.
I'm so cute and sweet, pet me...
and then she gets ya one way or another.
And she whines.
Have you heard a cat whine?
Well mine does.
It's hilariously annoying.
Such a sarcastic beauty.
But she's my sarcastic beauty.
 Let her explore the front porch. But not for long. Too scary!! Hence the hand made lanyard leash in this second picture. hahahaha
 Rare Cuddle Moments...
Snap chat pic I got. So cute..
 Her facial expressions are priceless.
Get. Off. Me. NOW!
 So not into pictures today.
 Love her sooo

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