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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just a couple of married friends

Hello to my readers,
I had a super fun weekend. 
Did you?
Our married friends, Kristin and Vinnie came up to our place for the weekend!
It was so great to catch up with them and show them all the sights. 
Friday when they arrived, I had made Chicken Divan for dinner.
Then we basically just chatted and caught up.
Then Saturday we got up and around, went to breakfast at Compton's Diner.
The only diner in Saratoga Springs.
And afterward walked the shops. 
We had to show them the fancy houses, including Palazzo Riggi, and we showed them our mall.
Had some unique and nutritious bottled drinks from our awesome Healthy Living Market store.

Then we went to show them the park. There we saw the ducks and drank from the lucky spring water fountain.
The ducks pond was very low on water compared to the summer. And we saw a homeless man feeding them seed and luring them elsewhere.. but he didn't take the whole flock. Far from it.
Because as soon as they saw my bag, they assumed that I had food for them. 

Flying from afar and near these ducks stopped for no one and swamped around it.
It was amazing really. 
And loud. They all quacked and quacked at me. 
The boys stood in their line of flight and the ducks were so close to them they could have grabbed them outta the air. 
I felt bad I had no food for them, but they really should fly south right?
People should stop feeding them.
Then we saw a SHIBA!!! His name was Lioness and it was his birthday! He was turning 4.
So cute, and small, and sweet, and perfect. The couple who owned him told me the trick was to socialize them and they end up being great dogs. And he was very obedient. 
Made me want one even more. 
Later we decided to play a few games at home before going out for dinner and drinks.
We played Who Am I and Apples to Apples and indulged on delicious mango salsa with chips.
For dinner we wanted to check out this new place called the Irish Times.

 *Used from the Irish Times Website
  *Used from the Irish Times Website
 *Used from the Irish Times Website
We totally picked it right.
The food was all Irish inspired, and delicious!
And the entire place was set up so cool!
It was a loft like setting where we sat, bar both upstairs and down.
There was exposed brick walls and cool hanging lights with awesome chairs.
Kristin and I got a pitcher of white peach sangria to share. Delicious.
While the boys had a beer and gin and tonic.
I ordered the Guiness Beef Stew and Mozzarella sticks.. delish.
Kristin got their homemade Shepard's pie which looked amazing.
Vinnie got a stuffed chicken dish with mashed potatoes.
And Kevin got a roast beef like sandwich. 
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
It was so much fun and I miss them dearly already!
It's exciting to have married friends. I am excited to have more of them in the future!

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  1. so cute!! love you miss you had a supertastic time this weekend!!